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10:47pm 14/04/2006
  <8> no hate just love!  

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01:49pm 16/01/2005

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03:35am 05/12/2004

i decided id spam leoras community to be cool!

check out this link if you like this thing called music...


also if youre into the whole myspace craze like pretty much every scenester is these days then add us.


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01:44am 30/11/2004
  Hi Leora Peeps.  

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nintendo characters and pokemon are officially gay 
11:40pm 27/10/2004

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11:52am 24/10/2004
  i want to be a pirate when i grow up

im in it for the booty!


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02:06am 13/10/2004
  Hello h8rs. LOL all you want but I joined a ratings community. My e-pal Stacey made this community, so it is cool compared to your usual run of the mill ratings communities.

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01:13am 07/08/2004
  oh, i'm not sure if i mentioned this.. but if anyone cares, or is a creepy stalker i undeleted my old livejournal. and if you want to, you can read it here ... it's kind of weird. cause it starts off before all the stuff that happened last year happened.. when I was just a typical fucked up teenager, and then there's stuff i was writing during that whole time last year that things were a mess. weird stuff. most of the entries are private, but there's 50 or so that are public.

edit: oops put wrong livejournal link. it just went to my current one, now it goes to the old one.

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10:37pm 06/08/2004
  I'm moving back to Toronto on Monday night. Subpoenas and stuff. Damn them all preventing me from having a nice backyard with mini palm trees.

Anyway. I turn 20 on august 26th, so someone please buy me a shotgun so that I may live fast, die young and not have to be the horrible age of 20.

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I took this quiz that Leora made. It was pretty hilarious. 
03:52pm 25/07/2004
I rock for being Finbar!
Have you ever done cocaine Stevie Nicks style?Stevie Nicks?
How many pet rodents have you accidentally killed?Whose pets?
Is your desktop of pornographic nature? if yes, how so? if no, why not?My desktop is not of a pornographic nature. It is a picture of you. Drawn by you. For me.
Tequila- a name for a tall, pretty girl, or a tasty beverage?Ugh. Isn't that the one where they eat the worm? Gross?
Cyclops- a name for a short, dorky girl or a one-eyed murdering beast?Short, dorky girl? I don't think I know any short, dorky Cyclopses, but I do believe I know a WAY HOTT!1 cyclops.
Without looking it up, what is the capital of Moldova?Haha. "Moldova" sounds like a type of gross cheese. You know the kind that looks and smells like ass, tastes really good, and costs thirty dollars a pound?
You looked up the capital of Moldova online or skipped that question, didn't you?You wrote this quiz when you had nothing better to do with your time, didn't you?
Do you think taking quizzes are totally NEXT?What's NEXT? Is that a new word? Like that EMO business? And what's the deal with that? IS that capitalized or what?
if yes, do you put like 50 quiz results on your livejournal all the time?Uh, no.
Sum up your opinions of Darth Vader in 7 words. No more no less.Ha! This reminds me of that time...
Why do you do different quizzes with the same questions over and over?Because I'm a lonely, attention-starved, emo teenager, and I think that taking these quizes will get me laid.
Do you think anyone really cares what kid of Daffodil you are?Kid of Doffodil? What?
Have you ever stolen a cancer patient's painkillers to use recreationally?Why, what an odd question.
If yes, you're an asshole. And also what was it? If no. plz write "slice"slice
Did this quiz fullfil the emptiness that is your soul? Hahahaha!
Goodnight.Good morning.


This is an aside, but I know that at some point Leora is going to read this, and I wanted her to know about the fantastic new word I invented. It came to me last night whilst hanging out with Byron (who I totally owned in a bet, but I refused to take his money).
When you are arguing/debating with someone, and you forget what you were originally arguing/debating about, that is an andré.

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11:52pm 19/07/2004

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12:33am 05/07/2004
  if you haven't seen this plastered all over your friends page yet, my going away party:

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12:31pm 17/06/2004
  I am playing keyboard in the band Fresh Meat until I leave for Vancouver.
If you are not going to my twin brother's band's show on Saturday (PICK MINE!!! I'M LEAVING TORONTO SOON !!!) then come to the Bovine, 542 Queen Street West. Free.. 19+ we go on at midnight


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06:11pm 07/06/2004
  Hello, specifically to Finbar, who made this community and anyone else who is still a "fan" of mine hahahahaha

For the last month that I am in Toronto, I will be a part of this band:
Fresh Meat.
I'll be playing with them on June 19th at the bovine (free) and July 5th at the Reverb (5$) which will probably also be what I considering my going away party. It will be all ages.
I am the keyboardist.

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05:30pm 09/04/2004
  Promo!!!!! I started a community!
thisisnotangst !!!!!!!!!
01:41pm 09/04/2004
  When Leora walks into a room, the room becomes that much cooler.  

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Awesome story. 
09:19am 19/03/2004
  Everybody check out this awesome story that Leora wrote. It's awesome-cool.

I suppose an explanation is in order, with the relevant subject title and all. I've decided that only when I post in my own journal, I'll do the crazy, has-nothing-to-do-with-the-post itself subject titles.
This isn't new. Even in comments, I rarely think up crazy subject titles, and usually just use the last few words in the comment itself.

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12:46am 01/03/2004
I just remembered another thing that may tickle your fancy.


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05:45pm 29/02/2004
  I'm amy and, uh, I'm a fan of leora's.

leora and I make fun of malvern kids together. because malvern kids are lame and throw snowballs at little kids and send them into seizures (I'm not lying, this actually happened on several occasions).

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01:30pm 29/02/2004
  What does everyone think of the new look?  

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